‘HBO’ Renewal/Cancelation Scorecard 

Game Of Thrones: Renewed for Eight/Final Season

True Detective: 😊

The Leftovers: Ended after 3 Seasons; Series Finale aired June 4

Girls: Ended after 6 Seasons; Series Finale aired April 16

Veep: Renewed for Season 7

Silicon Valley: Renewed for Season 5 

Ballers: Renewed for Season 4

Animals: Renewed for Season 3

Vice Principals: Second/Final Season premieres September 17

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 9 premieres Sunday, October 1

The Comeback: Renewed for Season 3

The Night Of: 😀

High Maintenance: Renewed for Season 2

Westworld: Renewed for Season 2

Divorce: Renewed for Season 2

Insecure: Renewed for Season 3

The Young Pope: Renewed for Season 2

Any Given Wednesday: Canceled after 4 Months

Big Little Lies: Ended after One Season; Series Finale aired April 2

Crashing: Renewed for Season 2

Room 104: 😊

The Deuce: premieres Sunday, September 10


Sure to be Canceled: 😭

Likely to be Canceled: 😟

Toss-Up: 😐

Likely to be Renewed: 😊

Sure to be Renewed: 😀


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